Purely Fit Life

Short effective full body
sculpting workouts that
you can do at home
(even in your PJs) for
exhausted mom bosses.
Ditch the mommy guilt.
Keep toning up the belly.
Transform your life.

Join the sisterhood.
Yes I'm ready
So you fixed your diastasis (ab separation).  

You're starting to feel better about your mummy tummy and you want to keep that momentum going. 

You got good tension in your linea alba (connective tissue that rounds middle of stomach).

You're able to hold good core engagement when doing exercises. 

You're no longer peeing in your pants when you jump.

You are ready to start working out more frequently with more intensity and more challenging exercise moves. 


You're not sure what workouts are safe to do to keep your tummy strong.

You're scared of your diastasis coming back or maybe getting prolapse down the road.

You want to workout again with less fear so you can continue to tone up your midsection and sculpt your entire body in the convenience of your own home. 

You're ready to continue to make your current body even stronger and sexier. 

I hear ya. That was me too. 

I had those exact same thoughts. 

Here's the truth. Other fitness programs don't have YOU in mind. 

A mom who has given birth to one (or more) kids. Who has dealt with an ab separation (diastasis).  Who had issues with lower back pain, peeing in pants , weak pelvic floor and deep core muscles. Who has big dreams for herself and wants to feel her most confident powerful self. 

They don't consider that the body does take time to heal after having a baby, let alone having diastasis, and that certain moves need to be used with caution (with modifications) or avoided all together.

They don't know that if you haven't healed completely that your ab separation could open up again or if you still have a weak pelvic floor that you could get a prolapse years later from lifting too heavy when your body wasn't ready for it, yet

I get all that. I don't want those for me. And I don't want them for you.

That's why I felt obligated, as a mom and trainer, to personally invite you to come and work out with me for life inside Purely Fit Life (PFL). It is my twin sister and I's monthly online fitness lifestyle membership to help spiritual boss babes and mom bosses to feel sexy in their bodies to run their business (or get the confidence to start one) with more confidence and ease.

As moms we already have a lot going on and we all know how important taking care of ourselves is for our sanity as well for our families, so I help you keep your self-care routine simple so you actually do it.

After I was done with my 6 week core rehab program and then did my 16 week Retrain Your Core postpartum workout program, I felt like my core and body were ready to move back into my usual daily workouts found here inside PFL.

When I first got back to these workouts I didn't come back 100%. I still needed time to ease my way back into harder workout moves and increase my weights for strength training, so I show you all that inside.

Purely Fit Life is the best solution for you to help you stay working out consistently with protecting your core and pelvic floor, and being a zombie mom who wants to feel even more comfortable in her own skin.

Inside PFL, you'll see the exact workouts I personally do and plan to do for the rest of my life. Plus I am always putting fresh, NEW workouts inside the PFL to keep you from getting bored and staying in great shape to keep up with your kids. 

I understand the importance of taking it slow to make sure my body is healed and truly ready for more jumping and heavier weights.  I will help you do the same.

Be the best version of you to be their for your family because we all know when mom is happy the family is happy.

What if we told you that you can get be fit, healthy and happy with doing 30 minute or less workouts and eating a balanced diet that works for you. One that includes chocolate!

Would you like to have more time, energy and mental clarity to do more in your life with ease and confidence and not stress about food and exercise? 

The only way to transform your body in a sustainable way is love your wellness lifestyle and your workouts. 

We look at exercise as movement. When we move our bodies we let go of stress, come up with brilliant ideas and reconnect with ourselves.
We want to introduce you to ...

Fit Soul Movement​​​​

The NEW way of working out that will transform your whole life!  Rediscover yourself through movement.

Learn how to get consistent with your workouts without wasting time so you can feel good and live effortlessly so you have more time to after your dreams and be with your family. 

Less stress. More freedom. Less overwhelm. More bliss.  Less guilt. More love.

Sound good? 

Purely Fit Life is the place to become FIT physically, mentally, spiritually and financially.  It's more than a fitness program. It's a lifestyle. 

It's the fitness lifestyle program for health conscious spiritual female entrepreneurs, leaders, creatives, students and MOM BOSSES. 

Perhaps you're like us you love a good workout but you are tired and frankly don't have the time to do long hours of boring cardio, and you want to look lean and sexy but not get bulky.  

Michelle and I know that you are a girl boss focusing on building your empire, making an impact, taking care of your family and know you are here for a bigger purpose. But if you are running on empty, who is going to be there to run your business or to have the mental energy to say to your kids a thousands times how to pull up their pants when potty training or deal with their tantrums when you cut their bread wrong?

I understand being an entrepreneur and mom it can be hard to balance everything (taking care of you, running your business, taking care of your family). It takes massive energy, positivity and self-esteem. Neglecting taking care of yourself (mind body and soul) you're going to burn out.

YOU are the brains, the heart, and the soul of your business and family.  

And are you even enjoying your life?  Are you even happy? 

You might be buying organic foods, drinking green juices, eating grain-free, trying to meditate daily all to help you love your body and to feel good. But... you still aren't liking your body or feeling sexy and confident, yet.

If you want to live the life you desire while feeling fabulous in your body with thriving business you need to take care of the most important asset : YOU!

That's where we come in!  Purely Fit Life is your final solution to achieve sustainable success because it is the perfect mix of short, effective workouts, balanced flexible approach of eating combined with mind and soul work to keep you moving forward.

We've discussed that self-care, self-love, which includes movement, is more important than ever.  We got the the tools to keep your body and spirit happy, healthy, nourished and energized so you create a toned body you love while still living a happy  confident life following your dreams and taking care of your family.

Affordable, convenient, fun, and accessible to your 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you like a workout variety and get bored easily - the Purely Fit Life is for you!
How are Purely Fit Life workouts different?

​Unlike other fitness programs that just tell you what to do,leave you feeling alone. and completely overwhelmed by all that they require with extreme routines. 

Not here.  Get an hour's results in less than 30 minutes without stepping foot into a gym.

PLUS, we don't just show you what to do - we DO IT with you!  

You get REAL TIME workout videos where you are working out right along with us. Every move. Every squat. Every pushup. We do it all together.

If you are expecting US to be in full done hair and makeup with backup models - think again.  We keep things fun, inspiring, and real. We pride ourselves in offering you unique exceptional workouts that are intense yet attainable and get you results.  

Think reconnecting with your inner self (heart opening, energy altering, soul expanding, life changing practices) is only found through yoga? 

Our workouts help you get out of your head and more into your body.  Running a business is already mental exhausting, let's not make your workouts drain you too. 

With our unique training -  FIT SOUL MOVEMENT  - we infuse movement and soul work to get the most out of your time. Short effective workouts that will deepen your self-love and spiritual work to help you feel more centered, uplifted, less stressed, more productive, happier, and have more clarity and energy.

​​​​​ You won't be alone as you will have a powerful sisterhood behind you for support, guidance and accountability. 

We combine the best style of workouts to burn fat, tone and sculpt your body and get you results in the shortest amount of time. You already have a lot on your plate - that's why you need fitness more than ever. 
You'll see HIIT cardio, fine toning workouts, strength training for lean muscle, and core workouts for a stronger flatter belly.  Our workouts are created to boost your metabolism and optimize the bodies ability to burn fat long after the workout is over.

​​​​​Why soul work with movement?

This is how you create lasting change to develop a healthy relationship to fitness and reigniting your power to create a body and life you love. Working out and fueling your body is a from of self-love and respect. And from our experience and what we hear from our clients is - if youf mind isn't on board you won't get results. Period.

Our workouts are designed to:
get you strong physically and mentally
help you be healthier and less stressed
help you be more consistent with exercise and nutrition 
help you become more in tune with your inner self to tackle self-doubt
give you more mental clarity and confidence to help you take action
get you into the flow where you get divine downloads for your next million dollar idea
help you feel more in alignment with who you really are so you show up more authentically you 
The fitness lifestyle program for female entrepreneurs looking to create movement in themselves, their lives and business to change the world.

Here we infuse exercise with powerful mindset insights to change you more than losing those last 5-10lbs ever would.
We want to tell you a huge secret - it's going to take a lot of stress off you!

You CAN get a sculpted, toned, sexy body in under 30 minutes a day. To make it even better, you don't even have to go to a gym. Yep, you can do it all in the convenience of your own home. 

So stop working yourself to the ground and focusing on taking care of others and business, and not yourself. Because in 3 years, you'll wish you did take care of yourself and loved yourself more. 

Also, by you choosing to make the commit to take care of yourself now you're making your future health better.

Want more great news? 

You don't have to go on cleanses, don't have to diet, or say goodbye to chocolate or wine. 

Here we help you create your balanced mindful way of eating that works for you and makes you happy and fulfilled. Yes you can eat chocolate and still get amazing results. We'll show you how. 

 Unlike most other fitness programs they make things so complicated, extreme and restrictive.  Making it seem impossible to keep it up. Then you feel like a failure and confused on what to do next so you can't seem to be consistent with exercise and nutrition.

We felt obligated to create Purely Fit Life after talking with hundreds of women who felt like they HAD to workout for hours to get results, felt bad if they missed a workout, and felt like they had to be perfect with their eating habits.

We are here to show you that that isn't the way for lasting SUCCESS, HAPPINESS and FREEDOM with your exercise and nutrition goals. 

We like to keep things simple with fitness and nutrition.​​​​ Because we want you to enjoy movement and enjoy the foods you are eating so you are happier in your body which will reflect in other parts of your life. 

You've got big dream and ideas. We've got the know-how to help you make it happen through movement, mindset and a supportive sisterhood.

Let us show how you can take care of yourself inside out to be wildly happy and healthy in your life and business.

 Reaching your fitness goals has never been more simple...and fun. 

You can get what you want through movement to bring you closer to what you want in life.

>> Burn fat. Tone up.
>> Get lean long muscles.
>> Have more trust with yourself about what you should eat to look and feel your best.
>> Build a mindset for success.
>> Get more clear and creative.
>> Build more confidence and feel unstoppable.​​​​​​​
>> Be more productive. 
>> Have more energy.
>> Have more love and compassion for yourself.

We'll show you how.
We are every day girls who struggled with body image, loving ourselves and knowning our purpose. 
Mindful body sculpting functional movement changed all that. It can for you too.
We felt we had to be skinny in order to be loved, to be worthy, and to fit in.  We restricted, binged, jumped from diet to diet, did cleanses all the time, worked out 2+ hours most days.

Despite how much exercise we did or changed our diet deep down we still didn’t feel enough. All that exercising and dieting lead us down a dark path leaving us with major skin and health problems, still feeling unhappy and unfilled with our lives, our social life suffered and creativity and passion were disappearing. We became so obsessed with looking and eating perfectly that we disconnected ourselves from who we really are and what mattered in life. 

It took us many years to discover, and accept, we were not here to LOOK a certain way, but to love ourselves - imperfections and all - to help other women love who they are as they work on building a more powerful confident version of themselves.

Maybe you can resonate with all or some of our story. 

Just know that you don’t have to do this journey alone. 

Through our experience and working with hundreds of women we realized our bodies didn’t need fixing our internal mean girl needed an adjustment. 
Purely Fit Life (PFL) started off just as a fitness and nutrition program NOW
it has expanded to so much more to be THE fitness lifestyle sisterhood
for heart led boss babes.  

We’ve found a way of working out to create amazing sustainable results without long boring hours of cardio, no extremes, no dieting, no restrictions while increasing your creativity and vibration so you start manifesting more of what you do want in your life and biz.

Here you’ll see exactly how we train, eat, and take care of ourselves (and business) - mind body soul. 

Because you can’t get the body you desire without taking caring of your whole self

PFL isn’t your typical fitness program.  We keep it real. You work out with us in our homes - which sometimes means no makeup and messy dirty hair.

PFL  will create shifts in your mind and soul creating HUGE positive shifts in your BUSINESS and LIFE. So you can do what you love in a body you love. 

Fitness and nutrition that is simple to maintain and fit into our busy schedule.
 Get full-body REAL TIME workouts at home
to get you looking and feeling your best
for less than your daily latte or kombucha kick. 
We want you to know that...
You don’t have to spend hours at the gym to get all the amazing benefits of what exercise does for the body and mind (thank heavens more time to sleep, more time to be with family, travel more, spend time alone to do personal development or more time on growing your business). 

Losing weight or getting in better shape does not need to take over your life. 

There’s a better way.

Finding it hard to make it to your hour-long yoga session or your hour + gym session?  

Starting to feel unmotivated and dreading working out?  Or saying you’re “too tired” to exercise?

We thought so.

That’s why we created Purely Fit Life to give you the most results in the least amount of time

Think about this for a moment - what would you do with all that extra time?
Welcome to the Purely Fit Life Sisterhood

 Purely Fit Life sisterhood is about teaching female entrepreneurs and moms how to nourish and maintain a healthy lifestyle through mind, body and soul balance.  An exclusive service that provides women with the tools to nourish every part of her life, spiritually, mentally, physically and financially.

Each month PFL sisters receive new, FRESH content each month inside the private membership area and inside the Facebook group to keep you progressing. You get videos from our home where you can watch any where at any time. 

As busy leaders, business coaches, mompreneurs, or creative professionals, you need workouts that are both short and effective. A way of eating that gets you results without feeling restrictive or feeling guilty. A place where you can be happy and maintain it for life. It’s so much than the basic fitness program. 

Challenging workouts, yet attainable. So you actually do them. 

Because c’mon let's be honest if your workout program is too crazy or extreme you're most likely not going to do it or be able to stick to it long-term. 

And you know results come with CONSISTENCY.  


It's time to stop doing the wrong workouts and start doing the right ones.
Ready to reclaim your beautiful, sexy body? 

Ready to step into your power and attract your dream clients, more media gigs, and raving fans? 

Yes! That's why you are here.  You're here for a reason. 

You're here because you really want to have more confidence, look good in your clothes, feel stronger, be happy in your body and  create the life and biz you dream of.  Be totally confident in your body so you can rock in your TV interviews, LIVE videos or new photo shoot pictures or just in your everyday life.

Here we make fitness and nutrition easy and afforable with accountability and sisterhood. 

As a female entrepreneur, you know how important it is fill confident in your body to put yourself visible so you can attract your right ideal clients.

Because you are your brand! 

It’s hard to show up your best self when you don’t feel your best or don’t like the women you see in the mirror. 

This is your ONE body and ONE life so make sure you take care of it.  Your body is a living, breathing machine - with whom, we have an ongoing, personal relationship.

That’s why we put together Purely Fit Life - an ongoing monthly program to keep you feeling and looking your best day after day after day. 

No need to go to extremes or strict dieting that makes you go crazy to throw you off your game or make you feel like a failure so you keep playing small or feeling stuck all the time. 

During your workouts and day-to-day life, you may be doing everything to encourage body to change (fat loss/gain muscle). BUT none of that matters if your thoughts (beliefs, mind) sabotages your hard work.

If you're feeling completely overwhelmed by keeping up with taking care of yourself and staying consistent with your workouts - you’re in the right place.

Welcome to the sisterhood.

We help you focus on what matters and how to workout efficiently so you can show up better in your business and life. 

It’s the perfect time to start or expand yourself (and your business) with our truly unique training. 

Since you are already an ambitious spiritual female entrepreneur who is ready for the next level of success in life and business while taking care of your body

Stop the overwhelm and the excuses because we get it it’s so easy to write off your workouts.

Heck, your busy and trying to grow your business, take care of family and yourself. Plus have a life, right? 

The way we move our bodies now has completely set us free and transformed our bodies and mind (and biz!) we never thought possible.

It isn't going to be easy and won't happen overnight, just as it is to grow a business.  

Trust you are here for a reason. You desire a new way of working out and taking care of yourself.


Here you’ll find effective fat-burning empowering workouts that take less than 30 minutes a day. 

 Time is money, so you should stop wasting yours. 

So, stop:
Spending hours on what diet you should be on.
Spending time in car driving to and from gym.
Spending time in hour long workouts that don’t give you the results you want.
Spending time searching for things to fix you when you’re not broken. 

Purely Fit Life will help you feel even more fabulous in your body in no time. 

We help you get the high vibe momentum through working out that you can carry throughout the day (especially when we are trying to do it all). 


A healthy entrepreneur is a happy entrepreneur.
WARNING: Mindful movement may accelerate your career/business/life and that will get you noticed and feeling extraordinary. 

Take the time to take care of you. Your clients and family will notice the difference. 

Put taking care of yourself first as a priority without feeling guilty because you deserve it. 

Movement will help you do all this and so much more:
>> Have more clarity on who you are and what you want to do. 
>> Understand what drives and inspires you. 
>> Get more clear on your desires and how to manifest them (using movement to help you make your dreams a reality!!). 
>> Break free of negative thoughts and old messed up stories holding you back from success.
>> Feel stronger, sexier, more confident. 
>> Own your power. 

If are ready to RECLAIM your power and live the life you dream of enroll into the sisterhood today to start transforming your relationship with the most important person in your life … YOU. 

Are you still thinking you don’t have time to workout (wasting time drive to and from gym plus waiting for gym classes to start or treadmill is available)

If you aren’t sure where to get started? No worries. 

PFL has you covered. 

We are busy just like you. 

We discovered the formula of time-convenice-enjoyment-lasting results and understand the benefits of exercise (especially for us entrepreneurs and moms- working out does wonders for our stress levels). 

Because you can’t get the body you desire without taking caring of your whole self. 

Our 3 core parts for success
Inside we help you learn to love your body now while you work towards a stronger version of yourself. This is what most fitness programs forget, the self-love part.The secret to getting the body you want you have to love the one you have now because then you'll naturally take care of it with more love less hate.
Mind & Soul 
For FULL transformation you have to take care of yourself mind body and soul. We help you create a simple yet powerful self-care routine that sets you up for success and releases old stories that are no longer serving you to form new beliefs that empower you.
Where the magic happens. PFL goes beyond a fitness program. It opens your world up to an extraordinary community of ambitious women that you can grow with, lean on and learn from as we can do more together! This membership is to support you from all sides as you focus on taking care of you and growing your business.
Let's raise your vibration to create your incredible life through movement.

Reclaim the power within you to become unstoppable and show up authentically you. 

Tap into the healing energizing powers of HIIT strength training movement to feel more confident, fulfilled, strong and connected. 

Discover how the power of exercise can change your body, mind, soul and LIFE and business. 

You don't need to do anything crazy or extreme to get a body you love.
All you need is CONSISTENCY, self love, supportive  community, positive mindset and the belief in yourself that you are enough.

Purely Fit Life does that and so much more.

Reshape your life and business one workout at a time. 


Taking care of yourself is an act of self-love. 

And by you taking care of yourself you're showing the Universe that you are worthy and valuable (which you are). 

As an entrepreneur you know how important it is to invest into your business and surround yourself with positive environment and keep your mind right, the same goes for your health and fitness.

When you join the sisterhood you are investing in yourself.

We give you everything you need to be successful in all parts of life.

Are you craving a mastermind and a sisterhood where you can chat about all things fitness, health, money, business and spirituality? 

Do you crave a place where you not only get strong physically but also mentally, spiritually and financially? 

Yes you do! That's why you are here, right?

Magic happens when you come together with your sisters in fitness, health, soul and business and rise up together.

Yes as women we are strong alone, but together?

We are unstoppable.

And change the world in a bigger way.  

Are you ready to say YES to becoming FIT mentally, physically, spirituality and financially?

So if you’re looking for biz besties who also want to take care of themselves mind, body and soul - come and join us.

Before you start saying to yourself I don’t have time, I can’t do this, I don’t feel like I deserve it, I am not sure I will stick with it, etc. Stop all those excuses, doubts and fears.

Believe you can invest in your FUTURE SELF.  By joining today, you are making a change to transform your future. 
Here's What You'll Have Access To: 
Real Time Workout Videos
Inside you have access to proven and effective full body real time workout VIDEOS with new workouts being added each month so you'll never get bored and keep your progressing. Plus separate videos of how to do each exercise. Access to special  workout challenges along with workout schedules and follow along printable PDFs of each workout.
Fresh New Content
Access to special members only workouts and workout challenges along with workout schedules and follow along printable PDFs of each workout.
Easy to Follow Nutrition Guidelines
We share simple nutrition guidelines to help you learn what works for your body to get the results you want without feeling deprived and eating foods you enjoy.
Members area
Private members area you can access 24/7 on your time to find your workouts, workout schedules, recipes, our eats, nutrition tips, body confidence, mindset and so much more. Access to a private Facebook group for daily support and accountablity from fellow sisters and US. It's important to connect to other women that are on a similar journey as you, remember you are who you surround yourself with. 
Self-Love Tips
We help you feel confident and reconnect to your body.  We put a strong focus on mind-body-soul connection.  We help love your body now while a stronger version of yourself with creating healthy habits that fit into your busy life.
Mindset tips
We help you break through negative self-talk and never feeling good enough to live the life you desire and dream of in a body you love. We provide monthly mindset activities to help you keep your thoughts positive to achieve your goals.
Get fit and healthy. Anytime. Anywhere.
Want to know the best part? 

This isn't going to cost you thousands of dollars.

We know when you put money in you most likely show up (especially the more money it is). $10 vs $60 gym membership. The $60 ones you tend to show up more.

Did you know that the average cost to a crossfit box is $150 a month.  And according to the Natural Strength and Conditioning Association the average price for a personal training session is $50 an hour, and if you go 4 times a week that’s $200 a week, $800 a month! 

You can join us for just $44 a month. 

No contracts. Cancel at anytime.

We've made this as affordable as we possibly can, to give you everything you need to feel your best self.

 the Purely Fit Life Sisterhood is for you if...

You want intense challenging workouts yet attainable
You understand that there are no quick fixes as you know that results takes time
You want to be consistent with your fitness and self-care practices
You want to get firmer or look more “toned” 
You don’t want to get bulky but want lean muscle
You are tired of wasting your time at the gym 
You want more energy and clarity in your life to go after your dreams
You want to look and feel more comfortable in your own skin to show up as authenically yourself
You're tried of the traditional health and fitness trends and ready for a change
You're a conscious girl boss who knows she is here to do great things and is looking for support in mind body and soul
To get fit and live a healthy, happy life is about taking care of yourself mind, body and soul.
PFL Sister
  • Real time workout videos  with printable PDFs with NEW workouts being added monthly
  • Access to archived workouts and past workout schedules
  • Fitness and nutrition tips to help create a way of eating that works for you from macros, carb cycling, fat loss tips and much more
  • Mind and soul work to help you love yourself at a deeper level for lasting change
  • LIVE coaching call inside private Facebook group once a month to answer questions 
  • Exclusive look into what we personlly eat and cooking videos
  • Monthly challenges to help you uplevel your life and get you closer to where you want
  • Access to the sisterhood full of like-minded women  for support + mini mastermind inside FB group 24/7
JOIN NOW for only $44/month
VIP Sister
Only taking 15 women. 6 month commitment. Click below to apply so we can make sure you are the right fit and we are the right coaches for you.
  • This is perfect for those NEED the most accountability and closer access to us..  
  • LIVE workout videos  with us 2 times a week along with powerful self-care practices to keep you in high vibe all day long. You have to be willing to SHOW UP for these LIVE workouts . 1 LIVE Q and A coaching call a month where you can ask us anything. Please only apply if you are serious about upleveling yourself. 
  • Monthly challenges to help you uplevel your life and get you closer to where you want
  • Access to a private sisterhood with your  fellow VIPs for support + mini mastermind inside FB group 24/7
Success stories: 
Love the full length workouts
I joined for the FULL length and amazing workouts. The Facebook group is nice for questions and accountability. I love your attitudes, encouragement and motivation. I love having a workout schedule to work from with the flexibility to change things around. And of course love the grain-free recipes.
~ Abby, Owner and Head Baker 
Love all the encouragement
I joined because of I love your recipes, daily eats and the workouts. I like the Facebook group because it is nice and easy to ask questions. I love Purely Fit Life because the love and encouragement you guys always show. You guys are great at pushing me through the workous. Thanks!
~ Ana, Holistic Health Coach
Inspiring and feel like a sister
I joined because I liked the mission you ladies are on and the message you are sharing. And I wanted to be a part of that. I love Purely Fit Life. An environment that is so inspiring, motivated and balanced. I felt welcomed instantly as a new member and truly feel like a sister to them. The workouts are great too! I love that every day of the month is planned for me and that not one single workout is repeated in a one month's time. And did I mention that most of them are less than 20 minutes! Lastly, I love the addition of the entrepreneurial focus. The tips have helped me tremendously as I grow my blog and online business. Thanks ladies for all that you do.
~ Stacie, Dietitian
No more boredom with workouts
I joined because I love the workouts. And wanted the FULL length ones. I love the Facebook group and receive encouragement. Purely Fit Life is a great place to receive great workouts where I don't get bored. Most places I tried before I get  bored doing the same workouts and I love how it is constantly different yet at the same time not time consuming. I also love the encouragement, seeing what the twins eat, and all the tips.
~ VIctoria
Love the ease of having a preplanned schedule
I joined Purely Fit Life for the monthly workout schedules, mantras, and food guidance. I love the ease of having a preplanned schedule to pop on and get to work. I like that I was able to release the negative food cycle that I was on to find a sustainable, healthy way of eating for me with the guidance and abundance of posts from the twins. I really like being able to log in and sort through Purely Fit Life posts to find one that speaks to me in each moment.
~ Crystal
Place for community, fitness, life and support
I love how real you both are. I’ve followed you for a long time and truly appreciate everything you girls do. I just found that I could connect with both of you. You were small and real; nothing built up and not normal (in a good way). I truly felt (and still do) that you would be the people I would choose as friends…darn, wish we lived closer…haha. PFL is THE place to be for community, fitness, life, and food. The sisterhood is supportive and inspirational; I love how we all learn from one another as we ride life.
~ Christine, Nutrition and Wellness expert
Feel stronger in my everyday life
I had spent almost two straight years of my life doing the elliptical for an hour each day…gag!  I wanted and needed something different.  I found your workouts to mimic the movements of everyday living and felt stronger in how I walked, moved and lived my everyday life in the real world.  Gone are the days of hours of steady state cardio.  When I first started I couldn’t do a burpee now I am amazed that I can do so many.  I love that I can go back to the archives and find a workout that at first challenged me to the point of thinking, “I can’t get through this” and doing it again and seeing how much I have improved.  (Examples: the Thanksgiving challenge one you had—500 rep challenge or something like that and the purely weights #9 I think with the bicep curl/shoulder raise and then 10 sec side jumpjack into mountain climbers for three rounds then 3 rounds of back pulls into tricep kickbacks followed by star jumps and ½ burpees.)  Those totally challenged me but now I can do them with less of a struggle.  It’s also helpful to have you both as cheerleaders and seeing that you too are challenged.  Funny, when I first started doing the HIIT ones it was a workout just to move from one exercise to another (getting up and down off the ground, etc)  That sounds pretty sad but when your body is only used to doing repetitive motions required by an elliptical it takes a bit to transition into moving like a human again.  I also love that I haven’t done the same workout in months.  You all have such a wide variety that I mix it up and my body and mind definitely appreciate that.  Thanks for all your hard work and inspiration!
~ Heather
Love the workouts as I feel more productive and less stressed
I wanted to let the both of you know that I love your workouts. I own my business and am very busy, so trying to fit the gym into my already hectic schedule was driving me crazy. You already have each day planned out so I don't even have to think about "What do I do today?" - all I have to do is go into my home gym, set the timer and get to work... on my own schedule! That makes my workouts more productive and my stress level lower!"
~ Lora
Inspiration in more ways than one
Really love PFL! I just started doing your workouts as I was looking for something new! I love that your workouts are quick and intense, and I can mix and match them to fit my time frame great! You guy are the perfect level of challenging - yet attainable. Keep up the great work!
~ Allison
Happier in my body
Feeling great this morning after my short HIIT workout. Working out less and elminating stress in my body is actually helping. I love that I've been able to consistently see my abs ... before I had my kids, I never had abs. And now after two babies, trial and error, and finding a system that is working, I'm so much happier in my body.
~ Ashley, System Administrator 
Changed my life
Thank you for all that you do. You have both really changed my outlook on food and wellbeing. I love your workouts. 
~ Adrienne
Back into the workout groove
PFL has gotten me back into the groove of working out and in a different way as I have never put that much emphasis on plank exercises :) I really enjoy the community, daily eats, recipes, and holistic full body, emotional perspective. So much healthier. I really enjoy the program. 
~ Julia
Keeps me consistent and love variety of workouts
I really love the workouts. I have been very consistent with them. What I have found nice, compared to other programs is that the workouts vary in time. I fould I used to get into a rut of doing only just a certain workout time and pushing passed it was really difficult, but NOW with your workouts having different lengths it's been much easier to do. Having the workouts all planned out for me keeps me consistent. Love it. 
~ Kate
 Improved metabolism and increased strength
You two are so refreshing compared to all the other fitness people that only post pictures of them perfectly all done up and always eating perfectly healthy. I love how you put health and happiness first, and challenge some of the common advice given. PFL helped me get over the fear of getting bulking, revved up my metabolism and I have more strength. 
~ Minnie
Great for accountability and motivation
Doing the PFL workouts a bit more "live" with you makes a HUGE difference, especially with accountability and motivation. I can feel a difference in my mindset already. I am so happy that I found you and I really don't want this to end. 
~ Melissa 
Frequently asked Questions

How much does it cost to be a member?
We used to charge $50 for one of our training sessions. But, due to this program being 100% online we're able to pass on tremendous savings to you.

For a low $44 a month (or less than $2 a day), you'll have access to the full program + community.

If you join the VIP PFL sister level it is $150 a month for additional LIVE coachings and workout with us. 
Can I cancel at any time?
Yes, but we hope that you stay with the sisterhood. All you need to do to cancel is email us. 

This is a month to month but you cancel anytime.

Do you offer refunds?
No. All monthly payments are final but you can cancel your monthly subscription any time.  Once your canel membership, you'll lose access immediately from the group and no refunds will be offered, so be mindful to cancel before your billing date.
Do I need to have gym membership or have any special equipment?
No gym membership required. Little to no equipment is necessary or required. For best results we do recommend dumbbells, kettlebell, jump rope and resistance bands.

What results will I get?
We can't guarantee any exact results, but most women see a positive shift in their physique, confidence, and health by following our guidelines and workouts inside PFL. If you do the work, follow our tips, stay commited and believe in yourself you WILL acheive your goals.
How fit do I need to be for this program?
Workouts are suitable for all levels. The workouts are designed with intermediate exercisers in mind. We do provide modifications for beginners and tips to make the workouts more advanced. Also, we provide tips for moms who previously had diastasis recti (ab separation from pregnancy) that still want good workouts while continuing to protect their core.

How does this program work?
Everything is done online and housed in a private membership area. Which you can access to 24/7 with a login and password.  You also have access to a private Facebook group where we pop in daily for support.

All the workouts are delivered via in an easy to follow full length workout video with a separate workout introduction video going over the moves. Plus you'll receive a printable PDF of each workout.
Do I need to already have a business to join or want my own business to join?
No, this sisterhood is open for heart centered women who want to workout less to improve their life, health, happiness and get lasting results. We do talk and share business related things inside for those that are interested. We have a range of clients from bloggers, nurses, aspiring female entrepreneurs, stay-at-moms, nutritionists, business coaches and leaders.
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